The Five Beaches March

IV Walk Against Cancer – The Five Beaches Walk

Zona Franca Santander joins the iV edition of the Marcha De Las Cinco Playas organized by AECC

IV Walk Against Cancer – The Five Beaches Walk

Once again, the Zona Franca of Santander will collaborate with the Spanish Association Against Cancer by supporting the traditional march of the five beaches. In this fourth edition, its objectives, as on previous occasions, are aimed at promoting physical exercise in addition to healthy lifestyle habits and to raise funds for research.

The route starts at the Magdalena’s camp and goes through the Camello, Primera and Segunda del Sardinero, Molinucos and Mataleñas beaches, to finish at the starting point. In short, 7’5 kilometers – suitable for all types of public – that are intended to be the common thread of a day of solidarity and awareness of the importance of prevention and research in the fight against cancer.

 More information:

Date: Sunday, September 19

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Departure and arrival point: Campa de la Magdalena

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