Times of COVID, times of solidarity

Times of COVID, times of solidarity

Tiempos del COVID tiempos de solidaridad

Santander Free Zone has donated more than €20,000 in protection material.

Now that we have closed the financial year and that we are witnessing the “second wave” of the pandemic derived from SARS COVID 19, it is important not to forget the terrible moments experienced during the first wave, characterized by the insufficiency of adequate means of protection for the entire population and, especially, for workers in essential sectors (health, socio-sanitary, security forces, transportation, food, etc…) We cannot forget how much they suffered, nor how much they gave us. And the supportive attitude of that vast majority of citizens who contributed everything they could and who followed the advice and regulations issued by the health authorities to protect themselves and the population should not be forgotten.

At ZFS we were no strangers to this current of solidarity. Thus, in line with our CSR policy of applying part of our profits to “social investment” in the first months of the pandemic, we bought products (masks, gloves, glasses, gowns, hydroalcoholic gel, etc…) for an amount greater than the €20,000 that we donated to the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, the Civil Guard, the ambulance personnel and the carriers who passed through our facilities from all over Spain and abroad:

  • 496 gowns and overalls; 344 glasses and visors; 25 boxes of disposable gloves and more than 9,000 masks (FFP3, FFP2, conical, triple layer, disposable…)

It is time to renew our gratitude to all the professionals in essential activities and to the vast majority of responsible, supportive citizens committed to their self-care and to protecting the health of their fellow citizens. From ZFS, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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