Visit of the Government delegate

Visit of the Government delegate in Cantabria

Quiñones highlights the potential of the Santander Free Zone to contribute to the economic development of Cantabria

The Government delegate in Cantabria visited the Free Zone facilities on Wednesday together with its president, Modesto Piñeiro, and the new special State delegate in the consortium, Francisco Fernández Mañanes

Santander, October 28, 2020.-

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Cantabria, Ainoa Quiñones, visited the Santander Free Zone this Wednesday and highlighted the potential of this State Public Entity, attached to the Ministry of Finance, to contribute to the economic development of the Autonomous Community.

Quiñones has made his first visit to the facilities of the Free Zone Consortium, located on Antonio López de Santander street within the port area, and has done so together with its president, Modesto Piñeiro, and the new special State delegate in this body, Francisco Fernández Mañanes.

Precisely, the first words of the Government delegate have been to welcome Fernández Mañanes. “In this stage that we are living, with a new political and social situation, the Government of Spain was clear that it was necessary to have the profile of a person who was clear about the road map that our country must face in the coming times to advance in the reconstruction and economic recovery that we need,” he said.

Quiñones has congratulated Fernández Mañanes on his recent appointment and has highlighted his long career in charge of different public responsibilities, “all of them carried out with skill, responsibility, honesty and common sense”. “A person with a collaborative nature and open to dialogue, which is what we need in these times,” he added.
“Virtues with which I am convinced that he will also hold the position of delegate in the Free Zone, always motivated by a great vocation for public service. With great capacity for understanding, dialogue and search for agreement”, he added.

The Government delegate has encouraged the new special delegate and the entire Free Zone team to “work to value this consortium because it can be the engine of such an important change in the production model that our economy needs.” “They have a lot of work ahead of them but I am sure that they will do it very well and will value this Free Zone”, Quiñones said.

The Santander Free Zone was the last of the seven Spanish free zones in its constitution as a State Public Entity, attached to the Ministry of Finance, which obtained authorization in 2016 to become a Free Zone and be able to extend the tax and customs advantages that this implies to any point in the region.


Fernández Mañanes has explained that the Santander Free Trade Zone has 30,000 square meters of extension located in the port area of ​​the Cantabrian capital, in which there are 13 warehouses and six storage tanks among other facilities, and also has another 7,000 square meters in other spaces.


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