David Madrazo first in the regular league

The J80 Biobizz, under the direction of José Azqueta of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club, was crowned absolute champion of the J80 Sailing Series Finals Trofeo Ciudad da Coruña. This event, which marked the closing of the Abanca Week 2023, brought together more than 2500 athletes in 16 sailing events throughout different locations.

The final competition in the waters of A Coruña was intense, with minimal differences between the participants. After the Regular League, four crews reached the final round in a technical tie. In an exciting final with four races, Biobizz stood out, adding a victory that adds merits to José Azqueta’s record.

We would especially like to highlight the exceptional performance of David Madrazo, who brilliantly positioned himself in first place during the Regular League. His skill and dedication were a determining factor, further elevating the competition and adding excitement to this outstanding regatta. Congratulations to David Madrazo for his outstanding performance in the Regular League of this top-level sailing event!



1º. Zona Franca Santander, David Madrazo (RCM Santander), 10 points

2º. Biobizz, José Azqueta (RCMA-RSC Getxo), 11

3º. Solintal, Ignacio Camino (RCM Santander), 11

4º. Iser Dorsia, José Manuel Ruiz (RCA Alicante-RCN Valencia), 12

5º. Fredo North Star, Pichu Torcida (RCM Santander), 12

6º. Hiblab, Adelmo Antelo (RCMA-RSC Getxo), 10 (6-1-2-1)

7º. Ethnicity, Peru Mügica (RCN Barcelona), 17

8º. Marias, José María Cunha (MRCY Baiona), 17

9º Matrako, Ricardo Díaz (RCN Castro Urdiales), 18

10º. Vissi, Juan Llano (RCMA-RSC Getxo), 18 11th. Kotablue, Miguel Fernández Vasco (RCN La Coruña), 19.

12º. Decoexa, Olatz Muñoz (RCN San Sebastián) 19



1º. Biobizz, José Azqueta (RCMA-RSC Getxo) 9 (4-2-2-1)

2º. Solintal, Ignacio Camino (RCM Santander) 10 (2-3-3-2)

3º. Fredo Estrella del Norte, Pichu Torcida (RCM Santander) 10 (1-4-1-4)

4º. Zona Franca Santander, David Madrazo (RCM Santander) 11 (3-1-4-3)




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