Balance year 2023 Zona Franca Santander

The Santander Free Trade Zone closed the year 2023 with a total volume of incoming goods of just over 185,000 tons of product, representing an increase of 34.23% over the previous year. We can say that it has been a magnificent year, even more so if we take into account that in 2022 there was already an extraordinary increase in the entry of goods (75.62%) in the Free Trade Zone.

By groups of goods, cereals and pulses stand out, with almost 50,000 Tn, and fertilizers and pressed fodder with just over 46,000 Tn. They are followed by iron and steel, molasses, canned food and foodstuffs, among others.

On the other hand, in 2023 the Santander Free Trade Zone has undertaken new investments for an amount of more than 400,000 €, mainly in the installation of a new stainless steel pipeline from our tank facilities to the dock of the North Bank of the Port of Santander. This pipeline is now fully operational and has a self-cleaning system.

Likewise, in 2023 we have had the opportunity to distinguish Mr. Modesto Piñeiro García-Lago with the gold insignia of the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Santander for his tenacious collaboration and impulse to our entity throughout his more than 25 years as president of the Consorcio.

But if one piece of news has filled us with pride and satisfaction for a job well done, it has been the high outstanding grade (94.8%) with which the Council for Transparency and Good Governance has rated us for the very high rate of compliance with the obligations derived from Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance. An excellent finishing touch to a good fiscal year in terms of activity, which is a reflection of our state public entity’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality.

We are convinced that 2024 will bring us good news and that we will continue to grow and contribute to the economic and social progress of our region.

HAPPY 2024



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