Entrepreneurship projects for young people

The regional government and the Free Trade Zone of the Port of Santander collaborate in projects of entrepreneurship for young people and storage of works of art.

Visit to the facilities of the Free Trade Zone of the Port of Santander (Photo: Lara Revilla).


The regional vice-president and the special state delegate met to discuss these initiatives, highlighting the climate of cooperation between the two institutions.

Santander – 12.03.2021

The Government of Cantabria and the Free Zone of the Port of Santander are moving forward in the development of entrepreneurship projects for youth and the creation of storage spaces for works of art and artistic productions. This was announced this morning, the Vice President and Minister of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sport, Pablo Zuloaga, after his meeting with the special delegate of the State in the Consortium of the Free Zone of Santander, Francisco Fernández Mañanes.

Both Zuloaga and Fernández Mañanes have highlighted the climate of collaboration between both institutions to tackle these projects.

Accompanied by the general director of Cultural Action, Gema Agudo, the regional vice-president explained that these are two projects of special interest to the Executive.

On the one hand, Zuloaga referred to the development of a coworking project for young people from Santander and Cantabria, promoted by the Directorate General of Youth through the School of Youth Entrepreneurship of Cantabria (EJECANT), which will provide a space for entrepreneurship in the port area.

On the other hand, has pointed out the creation of a large storage space for the various works of art and cultural property available to the Government of Cantabria in an enclosure equipped with special security conditions such as the Free Zone of the Port of Santander. The vice president has indicated that this space will improve the current storage conditions existing in the facilities of the Government and museums of Cantabria.

Fernández Mañanes has also highlighted the development of these coworking and art storage projects in which work is being done to enable two spaces within the Free Trade Zone, expressing his desire that both initiatives will soon become a reality.


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