The J-80 Regatta Team

J-80 Regatta Team – Santander Free Zone 

Equipo de Regatas J-80
J-80 Regatta Team – Santander Free Zone


The J-80 ESP884 Regatta Team led by David Madrazo, sponsored by ZONA FRANCA SANTANDER, concludes a fantastic season, with second place in the Accumulated Annual Ranking , far exceeding the expectations set at the beginning of the year.

Taking into account the importance of this category, the busiest of both the Cantabrian and national fleets, and the youth of several of the crew members, there are reasons to be more than satisfied.

Santander Free Zone, within its CSR; supports maritime sports linked to our Bay and our Port.  Healthy activity linked to sustainability, conservation of the environment and care for our ecosystem.

Congratulations to the entire team and to all our sports rivals, who have competed in these very difficult circumstances that we all have to live through.

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