Gold Badge of the Santander Free Trade Zone to Modesto Piñeiro

In a ceremony held at the facilities of the Zona Franca de Santander, has been awarded the Gold Badge of the Entity, to Mr. Modesto Piñeiro García-Lago, the highest distinction of the Zona Franca de Santander attributable to individuals. Modesto Piñeiro García-Lago, the highest distinction of the Santander Free Trade Zone attributable to individuals, for his special and extensive contribution to the Entity after having served for over 25 years as President of the Consortia of the Bonded Warehouse and the Santander Free Trade Zone, being especially noteworthy his leadership in the process of conversion into Free Zone, as well as for his commendable loyalty and commitment to the interests of the Entity, and the promotion of international trade and economic development of Santander and Cantabria. Reasons, all of them, that make him justly deserving of the Gold Badge according to the consideration of its Executive Committee.

The ceremony was attended by the new Government Delegate in Cantabria, Eugenia Gomez, the President of the Port Authority of Santander, Cesar Diaz, the Councillor for Development of the City of Santander, Agustin Navarro, the Special Delegate of the State in the Free Zone of Santander, Francisco Fernandez Mañanes and members of the Plenary and Executive Committee along with the staff of the Free Zone, family and friends.

By delegation of the DEE in the Free Trade Zone, Fernando Cámara, General Director of the Free Trade Zone of Santander, a person who has collaborated many years with the honoree in his long Presidency, presented him with the award.


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