Plenary session of the Santander Free Zone Consortium

Plenary session of the Santander Free Zone Consortium

On Friday, June 14th, the Plenary of the Santander Free Zone Consortium, a State Public Company, has presented its accounts corresponding to the 2018 Financial Year, with a FAVORABLE report by the General State intervention in Cantabria.

They reflect a spectacular growth of 28% in Turnover, compared to 2017, when it had already grown 17%.

And consequently an increase in EBITDA of more than 73% (gross profit before amortization). Truly spectacular figures.

Recent investments have obviously been very profitable. They are the metallic tanks for liquids, inaugurated in November 2017; and the general increase in traffic, the basis for the growth in activity and the profits.

A very hopeful future opens for the State Company, with the capacity for new investments. Resources are available, with an estimate of over €3,000,000.


An old building may fall.

In the same plenary session, the terms of the agreement reached by the Special Delegate of the State in the Santander Free Zone, and the company Cementos Alfa, have been approved, by which the contract that unites the parties will shortly be terminated, and The Silo buildings located in the Free Zone, which are currently in disuse, will be demolished.

Undoubtedly great news, since an obsolete and unsightly facility is put to an end, being able to recover some land in a privileged situation for port activity. On the other hand, the general vision of the area and the city of Santander is improved. The Santanderinos do not think they are going to miss them.

The two silo buildings date from 1967 and occupy a 3,000m2 plot.

The demolition operation, of the approximately 10,300m3 of concrete and rebar, will have to be a delicate operation, which causes the minimum effects on the environment and the activity, taking effect in the shortest possible time.

The height of the building, in its highest part, is 53 meters, which further conditions the operation. Due to the proximity of the Fishing Quarter and other facilities, demolition with explosives is impossible.

Fernando Cámara reports that the scheduled date for the space to become free is Easter 2020, requiring about 4 or 5 months to resolve bureaucratic issues, permits, final projects, etc., and about 2 or 3 months for the executive part.

Fernando Cámara, thanks the great collaboration of the company Cementos Alfa (current concessionaire of the silos) to improve the environment and increase activity.

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