Presentation of the gold medals of the Chamber of Commerce and the Free Trade Zone of Santander to the Official Association of Customs Agents and Customs Representatives of Cantabria for its centenary.

presupuestos generales del estado 2023

From left to right, Modesto Piñeiro (President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria), Félix López Hoya (President of the Customs Agents Association of Cantabria) and Francisco Fernández Mañanes (Special State Delegate in the Santander Free Trade Zone Consortium).


Last Thursday, November 24th, in an emotional ceremony held at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Cantabria, were delivered to the College of Customs and Customs representatives of Cantabria the gold medals of the Free Zone of Santander and the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria. They were presented to the president of the College, Félix López Hoya, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce its president, Modesto Piñeiro, and on behalf of the Free Zone of Santander the Special Delegate of the State, Francisco Fernandez Mañanes.

Among the large audience, the presence of the Government Delegate in Cantabria, Ainoa Quiñones, as well as the Delegate of the Treasury, the Special Delegate of Customs and Excise in Cantabria, the Director of the Port of Santander, the Chief State Attorney in Cantabria or the Head of Development Area in the region, among others. And among the military authorities, the delegate of Defense, the chief colonel of the command of the Civil Guard, the chief commissioner of the National Police and the lieutenant of the maritime captaincy. And, as expected, this celebration was joined by a large representation of shipping agents and port operators.

The celebration of the centenary of the College counted with the special participation of the Director of the Spanish Customs and Excise Department, Pilar Jurado, and the Deputy Director General of Customs Management, Nerea Rodríguez, who gave lectures on the present and future of the Customs Union.

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