Santander Free Zone in the General State Budget 2023


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general state budgets 2023

Santander.- November 03, 2022


The draft General State Budget Law for the year 2023 has recently been made public and is currently in the period of debate of the partial amendments after the rejection of the amendments to the totality that had been presented.

Precisely, one of these amendments incorporates an authorization of indebtedness to the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Santander for a maximum amount of 1.2 million euros which, if applicable, will be materialized in a credit operation during the year 2023, contributing to increase the investment capacity of the entity.

However, the PGE 2023 contemplates, for the first time, a capital contribution from the State to the Santander Free Trade Zone in the amount of 450,000 euros. An amount that will swell the operating and capital budgets for 2023 of ZFS and that is absolutely new since it is the first contribution of this nature received by the State.

Both the equity contribution, 0.45 million €, and the money obtained from the formalization, if applicable, of the corresponding loan for a maximum amount of 1.2 million €, will strengthen the investment capacity of Santander Free Zone aimed at the renovation and improvement of the liquid bulk terminal, the optimization of storage spaces and other actions focused on the improvement of road infrastructure and process improvement. In short, 1.65 million euros to further enhance the services provided by the Santander Free Trade Zone to companies, especially those linked to international trade.

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