Rehabilitation of warehouse number 5

Rehabilitation of warehouse number 5

The rehabilitation of warehouse number 5, which will be converted into a warehouse for the storage and custody of works of art, is progressing at a good pace. Since the beginning of August, work has been carried out by the Elecnor S.A, a major refurbishment of the warehouse number 5 of the Santander Free Trade Zone to make it available to the Regional Ministry of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports of the Government of Cantabria as a warehouse for the deposit and custody of artistic works and collections.

The work being carried out consists of replacing the old uralite roof with a sandwich panel roof, the installation of a modern freight elevator, the adaptation of the service stairs to safety regulations and the refurbishment and painting of walls and floors.

The budget for the work amounts to €88,784.34 (VAT not included) with a completion period of 75 days.

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