New coworking space

Contract awarded for the construction of the new coworking space in the Santander Free Trade Zone.

The works for the new coworking space in the Santander Free Trade Zone were awarded last August 12 by the Special State Delegate in the Santander Free Trade Zone, Francisco Fernández Mañanes. The refurbishment work as coworking space of the warehouse No. 3 has been awarded to the most advantageous offer, presented by the  company Cys CONEZTA S.LWith this new work, awarded for an amount of 67,048€ (VAT not included), the space available in warehouse 3 will be adapted to the needs of a modern and attractive coworking space for the young entrepreneurs who will be its recipients.

This investment is part of the 2020-2022 strategic plan which, among other objectives, aims to optimize to the maximum the spaces available in the tax area of the Santander Free Trade Zone and, in turn, represents the materialization of the collaboration agreements reached with the Vice-Presidency of the Government of Cantabria, the Regional Ministry of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports and the General Directorate of Youth in the field of promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

The new entrepreneurship space in the Santander Free Trade Zone, which is characterized by a young and innovative design, will have a capacity to accommodate 16 entrepreneurs and will be equipped with all the services of an establishment of this nature.

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