Zona Franca de Santander renews tanks 3 and 4 of its liquids terminal



The works, recently completed by the companies MEYREMO S.L. and TRASUCAN S.L., consisted of the replacement of the dome of tank 3 and its exterior painting (the interior painting was carried out months ago). As regards tank 4, the interior and exterior painting has been carried out. In both cases, a sandblasting treatment was applied to clean the surfaces, a primer coat and two coats of EPOXI paint.

The works have involved an investment of more than 75,000 € and they have achieved an optimal state of conservation and maximum functionality to contain any product.

Tank 3 has a capacity of 650 m3, while tank 4 has a capacity of 420 m3. It should be recalled that these tanks, as well as tanks 1 and 2 (1,900 m3 each) and tanks 6 and 7 (3,257 m3 each) are connected to the North Margin dock through the new stainless steel 3-pipe rack with self-cleaning system and that allows the operation of 2 vessels at the same time, with ZFS personnel taking care of the operation.

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