Inauguration of the new pipeline installation at Zona Franca Santander

As we communicated in our previous news, last November 10, 2023 took place the renewal of the Plenary and the Executive Committee of the Consortium of the Santander Free Trade Zone. Taking advantage of the presence of the participants in the constituent session, we proceeded to inaugurate the new installation of pipes that connect the liquid bulk tanks of the Santander Free Trade Zone with the dock of the North Bank of the Port of Santander.

These pipes are made of stainless steel especially suitable for marine environments and have a self-cleaning system. They are designed to improve safety and efficiency in the handling and storage of food liquids. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this installation has involved an investment of close to 500,000 euros.




250 ml Líneas Tubo Acero inox. 316L 8’’ (+ 88 ml de Segunda Tubería Soterrada)

Tubería en Parte Aérea

Salida Instalación Tanques

Tubería en Parte Aérea

Entrada a Muelle Margen Norte



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